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Finally, a time clock built for today’s modern workforce.

Over the last 10 years, the world of workforce management has fundamentally changed. It’s moved from single-point solutions to integrated workforce management suites that can be deployed on site or in the cloud. At the same time, our everyday technology continues to evolve. We now have access to more functionality, more speed, more simplicity. And more, in this case, is a good thing.

During this time however, time clocks have remained virtually unchanged. But their time has now come. Introducing the Kronos InTouch®. Its unrivaled user experience is about to reshape the way organizations think about — and employees interact with — their workforce management system.

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InTouch doesn’t just collect labour data, it can unlock the value of your entire workforce management suite. Learn More

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InTouch was designed for today’s cloud-centric computing environments, with flexible features that allow you to securely work over the open internet and through firewalls. Learn More

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With our open and secure InTouch App platform, you, along with 20,000 Kronos customers are limited only by your imagination. Learn More