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Workforce Management for Schools: Kronos for K-12


Education Software to Promote Ideal Student Outcomes

Workforce management for schools that helps you do more with less is essential in an era marked by ever-tightening budgets. Kronos® for K-12 education software helps you uncover new ways to protect the budget dollars you have. So you can focus on student achievement.

Kronos for K-12 gives you automated tools to help you:

  • Minimize regulatory risk: Improve compliance capabilities associated with government regulations and union rules. So you can minimize the risk of legal action and labour grievances.
  • Keep track of employees: Monitor employee absenteeism. So you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your people are where they should be at all times.
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction: Self-service school productivity solutions help to develop, motivate, and facilitate communication with the employees who make it possible for your students to succeed in ways they never imagined.

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