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Workforce ESP

Technical Information

Workforce ESP Helps You Schedule and Manage Staff Effectively

Scheduling can be a time consuming and error prone task. Kronos® Workforce ESP™ allows you to optimize your workforce and manage your staff more effectively and efficiently.

Workforce ESP helps you deliver quality patient care through your highly skilled workforce while improving your productivity and reducing your operating costs.

This comprehensive suite has been designed specifically for Canada’s health care industry to address challenges such as labour cost, workforce productivity, staff scheduling, absence management, and analytics.

Managers can view and track employee data, availability and preferences in schedules. Since employees are proactively involved in the scheduling process, this approach improves employee satisfactions and empowerment — and ultimately contributes to higher quality care to patients. 

So why go with Kronos to whip your healthcare scheduling challenges? Because through complete, easy-to-use automation, our healthcare scheduling suite provides:

  • Easy-to-use features that go beyond homegrown approaches or business intelligence tools
  • Reliable technology that provides flexibility and performance
  • Comprehensive services to leverage your investment

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