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Kronos Celebrates More Than 30 Years In Business

30 Things You May Not Know About Kronos

1.) Kronos was founded on October 31, 1977

2.) "Kronos" is derived from "Chronus," the Greek word for "time"

3.) Delivered the world's first microprocessor-based timeclock in 1979

4.) 30 million people use a Kronos solution every day

5.) The first company logo was an hourglass

6.) Kronos founder Mark Ain is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alumnus

7.) Kronos has a presence in more than 60 countries

8.) Mark Ain's favorite color is orange, which is why early Kronos timeclocks were orange

9.) Since the 1980s, Kronos has conducted nearly 60 acquisitions

10.) 3,000 employees worldwide

11.) Kronos became a publicly traded company in 1992 (Nasdaq) and went private again in 2007

12.) "Kronos" was the secret password in the animated movie "The Incredibles"

13.) More than 80 million job applications have been processed through a Kronos solution

14.) The word "Kronos" cannot be used in a game of "Scrabble" according to the rules

15.) Current CEO Aron Ain's first job at Kronos was installing timeclocks

16.) An early Kronos customer — a New York City copy centre — had its timeclock installed on the bathroom wall

17.) In 1979, Kronos timeclocks were delivered to customers in a station wagon

18.) A glitch in an early timeclock model caused the units to catch fire

19.) In the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire," actor Robin Williams punches in using a Kronos timeclock

20.) 35,000+ hiring locations use a Kronos solution every day

21.) Kronos is one of the largest software companies in Massachusetts, the state in the United States where it is headquartered

22.) First company tagline: "Because Every Minute Counts"

23.) Kronos annual customer conference, KronosWorks, is the industry's largest venue for exchanging ideas on how to effectively manage the workforce

24.) Delivered its first PC-based time and attendance product in 1985

25.) Under Mark Ain's leadership, Kronos sustained one of the longest records of growth and profitability as a public company in software industry history — second only to Microsoft

26.) Aron Ain is the younger brother of Mark Ain

27.) One job application is processed every two seconds using a Kronos solution

28.) The NBC television program "ER" features a Kronos timeclock next to the nurse's station

29.) Kronos rang the opening bell for the Nasdaq in 2002 to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary

30.) Mark Ain boasts the second longest run in Massachusetts at the helm of one of the area’s largest companies, following only Paul Fireman of Canton-based Reebok International