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Energy Workforce Management: Helping the Oil and Gas Industry to Cost-Effectively Meet Growing Demand


Today's global economy is highly dependent on oil and gas. But even as demand continues to grow, intense competition is forcing oil and gas companies to find new ways to drive down per-barrel operating costs without compromising exploration or production. At the same time, equipment manufacturers are under pressure to deliver quality products — on time and at a competitive price — to help oil and gas companies satisfy worldwide thirst for affordable fuel and other petroleum-based goods. That’s why many companies are turning to oil and gas productivity solutions designed to optimize labour effectiveness.

Helping Oil and Gas Companies Control Exploration and Production Costs

More oil and gas refineries and production companies are turning to information technology as a means to control operational costs, improve safety, and gain greater visibility into workforce performance throughout their exploration and production processes. Why? Because these capabilities are directly related to per-barrel operating cost reductions. Kronos for Energy workforce management software can help by enabling you to:

  • Understand where employees and contractors are and what activities they're engaged in
  • Schedule the right number and mix of contractors to complete projects on time
  • Keep accurate safety records and track violations by individual contractor
  • Monitor labour performance in real time for quick problem resolution and better decision making

Enabling Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers to Optimize Labour Effectiveness

Specialized equipment manufacturers play a critical role in the oil and gas supply chain too. After all, oil and gas companies depend on you for standard or engineered-to-order products for their refineries and production facilities. And they count on you to deliver top-quality equipment on schedule and at an affordable price point. That’s a tall order to fill — especially in today’s challenging economy. Kronos for Energy provides the complete automation and high-quality information you need to:

  • Connect labour coverage to demand and allocate 100% of labour costs to production
  • Monitor projects as they move through production and make proactive adjustments to stay on track
  • Facilitate compliance with certification expiration alerts and uniform application of work and pay rules
  • Identify and eliminate waste and control variance in every facet of your operations

Discover how petroleum industry software from Kronos can help you control labour costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk for a strong competitive advantage and bottom-line results.

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