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Kronos for Banking: Gaining Profitability and Quality Service


Banking Solution Helps Improve Profitability and Customer Retention

For banks, deregulation and consolidation are putting increasing pressure on profitability and compliance. Competition is on the rise just when banks need to regain customers’ trust after years of industry turmoil. Faced with these challenges, banks are looking for new ways to drive profitability. This is where Kronos for Banking comes in.

Kronos for Banking understands that your workforce is your greatest asset: When they deliver quality service to your customers, retention and profitability follow. With satisfied employees and visibility into your costs, you’re able to gain a competitive edge. 

With Kronos for Banking you can:

  • Use activity-based costing to reallocate employees to more profitable products and activities
  • Schedule employees to optimize customer satisfaction
  • Manage time-off balances with real-time reporting that reduces potential for overdrawn balances
  • Improve employee satisfaction with easy-to-use self-service tools

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