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Casino Workforce Management Kronos Gaming Solutions


Kronos Gaming Industry Software Enables A Big House Win

In the intensely competitive gaming industry, casinos are constantly looking for ways to draw in more customers. You can bring in new games or expand your entertaining and dining options, but then the competition does the same. No gain there.

It’s time to optimize your true strategic differentiator — your workforce.

Kronos® for Gaming allows you to enhance the customer experience and gain that competitive advantage by hiring, scheduling, and managing the right workforce to meet customer demand. Our casino productivity solutions can help you:

  • Control labour costs: Automating your time and attendance system can help eliminate payroll errors caused by manual processes. Biometric data collection can help reduce the payroll inflation caused by buddy punching. And demand forecasting can help lessen your reliance on overscheduling.
  • Minimize compliance risk: The casino floor is a minefield of compliance liabilities. To help you meet compliance requirements, Kronos for Gaming supports the allocation and distribution of tips and tokes. And to prevent regulatory fines resulting from expired gaming licenses, our solution helps track employee certifications and schedule employees by certification status and skill set.
  • Improve workforce productivity: Complete automation helps ease the time burden on managers. No more tracking multilevel pay rates. No more searching for employees with the right skill set. Just easy-to-use, quality information, every time.

Elements of the Kronos for Gaming solution include hiring, timekeeping, biometric data collection, scheduling, and absence management.Learn more about Kronos for Gaming on our resources tab.

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