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Gain a Competitive Edge With Kronos for Air


Build Traveler Loyalty With a Productive, Efficient Workforce

With rising costs and a lean workforce, it's vital for airlines to find ways to control expenses and differentiate themselves from competitors. On-time departures and arrivals depend on proper staffing to turn planes around quickly, efficiently, and safely. That's why many carriers are looking to Kronos for Air to help manage their largest controllable expense – their workforce.

With Kronos for Air carriers can drive productivity and optimize scheduling to get the most from your workforce while still ensuring the safety and security of your passengers. When your workforce operates at peak efficiency, these productive, satisfied employees are more likely to deliver the quality customer service that helps you gain a competitive edge and build traveler loyalty. Kronos for Air can help you:

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule: Optimize employee schedules to meet demand, safety, and compliance requirements and control overtime costs
  • Stay on top of compliance risk: Track workers’ hours and monitor compliance rules and regulations
  • Balance cost and service: Optimize organizational resource planning and overall flight operations

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