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Kronos for Trucking: Driving Profitability and Quality Service


Transportation Solution Helps Optimize Employee Productivity and Control Costs

The pressure comes from all sides: the recent economic downturn, cross-border competition, deregulation, and unpredictability in the cost of fuel and equipment and the volume of freight in their networks. Plus, shippers are demanding tighter turnaround and better response from carriers. These mounting challenges are prompting trucking companies to look for new ways to drive profitability. This is where Kronos for Trucking comes in.

Kronos for Trucking understands that your workforce is your greatest asset: When they deliver quality service to your customers, profitability follows. When you optimize employee productivity and control costs, you’re able to gain a competitive edge. 

With Kronos for Trucking you can:

  • Control labour costs by delivering accurate paychecks and shrinking payroll inflation
  • Improve bidding and billing profitability with accurate job costing that tracks every minute worked against tasks, jobs, and shipments
  • Optimize your workforce to increase productivity, even when you have to do more with less
  • Gain real-time visibility into understaffing and absenteeism so you can make adjustments before service levels are impacted
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