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Kronos for Manufacturing

Successful manufacturing workforce management depends on controlling labour costs and improving productivity. Kronos delivers facility productivity solutions that completely automate repetitive timekeeping tasks while reconciling labour data with production information.

The result? Accountability regarding where every labour cost is spent.

Use the Kronos manufacturing workforce management solution to:

  • Control labour costs by delivering accurate paychecks and shrinking payroll inflation such as unnecessary overtime
  • Track labour, WIP and resources with one system to provide a real time, consolidated view of your operation
  • Effectively schedule and redeploy your workforce, improving labour utilization
  • Leverage your data to provide insight about waste and best practices through the Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE) measurement framework
  • Simplify compliance with built-in tools and complete track and audit control
  • Streamline your hiring process — from sourcing and screening applicants to selecting and onboarding new employees
  • Automate position, shift, and vacation bidding for the most fair and equitable schedules —and improved employee morale. Managers can set up online auctions and employees can bid on or choose slots

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