Building customer trust through the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Kronos Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Building customer trust through the principles of corporate social responsibility.

At Kronos, we strive to be great people every day by empowering our employees to do great things for our communities and the world.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Kronos is an ongoing effort that we take very seriously. We believe that great businesses are powered by great people who embrace the global principles of corporate social responsibility and building customer trust.


The Kronos CSR Mission

Our promise to our customers, employees, and the world at large is to always strive to meet or exceed ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations of how a company should conduct business. Through the Kronos CSR program, we have developed guidelines for conducting our business that support and align with the values important to our customers, their employees, and communities. These efforts help all of us work toward a world that cares for and empowers all people and protects our planet.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Kronos is not just following a trend — we’re taking the lead on initiatives at our corporate headquarters to protect our environment and create a sustainable workplace for employees. And we’ve been doing it for years. We discovered early on in our company’s history that not only is it the right thing to do — it just makes great business sense.

We’re continually innovating in many areas to become a greener Kronos. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a shared goal across all our global campuses. Recycling and sustainability efforts are ongoing throughout our entire organization, including cleaning/recycling services, printing/copying, and even in the manufacture of our Kronos time clocks. We also limit electricity consumption at our corporate headquarters by leveraging smart lighting, adjusting thermostats, and limiting decorative lighting — reducing our carbon footprint while also saving on operating costs.

These and other initiatives, such as our participation in the Massachusetts Rideshare Program and Massachusetts Governor’s Energy Challenge, have earned us recognition in our community and home state. We’re proud of these accomplishments, but are continually seeking out new ways to extend our environmental and sustainability commitment.

Labor Practices and Human Rights

Labour Practices and Human Rights

At Kronos, we believe in leading by example. That’s why we set high standards for respecting the rights of our employees and following fair labour practices — striving to meet compliance to meet the overall needs of the individual, while respecting the geographical considerations and cultural backgrounds of our global workforce.

To create an environment more conducive to work, we support employees through a variety of programs. Our LiveInspired initiatives and benefits reward employees for their contributions to our organization, and nurture their need for a balanced life. It’s a foundational part of the Kronos culture and reflects our dedication to the inspiration and innovation that drives our business and enriches the lives of our employees.

This commitment to our employees has helped earn Kronos the honor of being consistently ranked as one of the Best Places to Work. And that’s a commitment we’re dedicated to following through on.

Fair Business Practices

Fair Business Practices

We never forget at Kronos that our business has moral standards and ethical responsibilities. We strive to be recognized as a company that conforms to law, custom, and human values. That’s why Kronos policies related to honesty and fair dealing are written into our Employee Handbook and Company Code of Conduct, and reinforced through annual mandatory employee training.

While ethical behavior may often be a matter of law, we believe it is something that should be evident in our day-to-day activities and interactions with others. And that philosophy is built into the culture of our organization. From how we compete for business and build relations with suppliers and customers, to how we behave as local stakeholders — rather than as foreigners — in the global societies and communities in which we operate.

Our reputation as an employer is directly connected to how we conduct our business at Kronos. And decades of good business practices have returned the rewards in many ways — earning us rankings as one of the Best Places to Work and exceptional Glassdoor ratings.



Giving back is at the heart of our business. And Kronos is committed to providing ongoing support to charitable organizations and causes and that empower the next-generation workforce. Our GiveInspired initiatives make a direct impact by encouraging advancements in the math, science, technology, and engineering skills required of tomorrow’s workforce.

Kronos also provides support to the communities in which our company operates and where our employees live and work. Our philanthropic programs are globally inclusive but locally focused, supporting organizations and communities around the globe through grants, solicited donations, matching gifts, and volunteer opportunities.

Supporting our global and local communities has always been an integral part of the Kronos culture. We take great pride in being recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Giving Back.