LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks, 11 Nov, 2019

Kronos Incorporated today announced a fresh wave of global capabilities, enhancements, and product integrations added to Workforce Dimensions, which is ranked the No. 1 workforce management solution suite and now the fastest-adopted product in Kronos history. Intelligent, mobile-first enhancements provide unprecedented levels of usability, flexibility, and labor insights that unburden managers and empower employees with new features tailored for industry-specific needs.

News Facts

  • Stacked with intelligent tools for frontline workers: Workforce Dimensions is designed to solve industry-specific challenges through a singular, unified user experience.
    • Healthcare institutions match labor supply with demand for care: With workload-based forecasting, scheduling, and reporting, managers optimize schedules based on historic workload, fill open shifts based on intelligent recommendations, rapidly address changes to patient volume, and analyze productivity metrics to inform future staffing decisions.
    • Manufacturers and public sector organizations drive productivity by managing time and work activities: An engaging mobile user experience simplifies tracking and managing hourly, project-based, and grant-based work, while the combined power of workforce management and payroll reduces complexity in managing overtime, shift bidding, and union rules.
    • Public safety and field worker schedules optimized as communication is streamlined: Workforce TeleStaff, an intelligent, automated scheduler for public safety and field service workers, integrates with Workforce Dimensions to empower real-time, reliable staffing decisions based on a holistic view of workforce insights, accruals, overtime entitlements, union rules, labor laws, and employee skills, certifications, and contact information.
    • Retail, hospitality, and food service organizations create the most repeatably accurate labor volume forecasts: Intelligent forecasting leverages the power of AIMEE – named the “best AI-based solution for workforce management” – to analyze daily trends, predict volume and scheduling needs, and fine-tune labor forecasts over time to deliver stable and predictable schedules that automatically match associate skills to customer volume and seasonal demand, all within budget target limits.
  • Functionality, solution flexibility, and ease of use deliver a world-class employee experience and enable managers to thrive.
    • Empower the workforce with flexible scheduling: Employees can set availability and shift preferences, request coverage to fill shifts, and easily pick up open shifts with AI-based recommendations, while managers are alerted to potential compliance or policy violations.
    • Prompt mobile users with actionable push notifications: Users can complete one-click tasks – such as accepting a coverage request or approving a time-off or shift-swap request – directly from the lock or home screen of their mobile device.
    • Visualize labor patterns to anticipate future trends: Trend data is embedded in user dashboards to reveal opportunities and areas of potential concern, empowering managers to set business targets and track progress based on time-based performance metrics.
    • Manage timecards and global pay rules more efficiently: Auto-resolve features help employees fix mistakes in their timecards – minimizing administrative work for managers and payroll teams – while currency conversions make it easier for multinational organizations to pay employees and for regional managers to view and analyze reports in their preferred currency.
    • Attract, develop, and retain an engaged workforce: Deliver a best-in-class employee experience with a unified, full-suite human capital management (HCM) application by integrating human resources (HR), payroll, and talent in Workforce Dimensions.
    • Extend the value of Workforce Dimensions: Custom applications, extensions, and integrations developed leveraging the Kronos D5 platform are available in the Kronos Marketplace, which features solutions from 100+ Workforce Dimensions Technology Partners built to transform the employee experience.

Supporting Quotes

  • Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos
    “Our award-winning Workforce Dimensions suite achieves the results that today’s users demand and will likewise advance to meet the sophisticated needs of the future workforce – that’s why it’s quickly become the fastest-adopted product in Kronos history. With Workforce Dimensions, Kronos is helping organizations across every industry and every region around the world future-proof their business with verticalized solutions that deliver meaningful labor insights while addressing the evolving needs of a modern workforce.”
  • Steve Goldberg, vice president and research director, HCM principal analyst, Ventana Research
    “The latest product innovations and enhancements in Workforce Dimensions demonstrate that Kronos is on a clear mission to enrich the employee experience while driving much better business outcomes, industry by industry. With intelligent, job-specific features and capabilities that users will see major value in, Kronos is doing its part to usher in the future of work.”

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