With over two million publication copies processed for delivery every week to over 10,000 local market retailers, Acculogix needs their labour resources to run effectively and efficiently. In a province that has a fluctuating workforce and unemployment as low as 2.6 percent, the company needs to be able to manage the labour shortage through improved productivity. Acculogix needed a solution that would help them optimize their labour utilization, balance workloads and control costs.

What Acculogix needed was a solution that could:

  • Measure costs by tying real-time workforce data to their production management system
  • Streamline time management processes to reduce payroll errors and save time
  • Identify attendance concerns allowing managers to focus time on the right people
“Kronos was a strong participant in our being able to improve order assembly operating costs by 30 percent.”

Brent Wright
General Manager, Acculogix Distribution Services


Kronos helped Acculogix by providing visibility into employee time and attendance information and absence management information for more efficient operations and better control of labour costs.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Detailed data creates more efficient route assignments and reduces the number of drivers needed
  • Adjusting workloads to balance the benefit to employees with the costs incurred by the business
  • Reduced payroll processing from 80 hours to 8 hours per biweekly pay period and is now error-free

Workforce Absence Manager

  • Manage and execute fair attendance standards across the workforce
  • Identifies attendance concerns and focuses productive management time on the right people
  • Drives management accountability


Real-time visibility into workforce labour hours and costs allowed Acculogix to increase productivity and improve operating costs throughout their organization. Time previously spent by managers dealing with error-prone payroll processes is now spent managing their workforce with a focus on employees who need it most. Insight into attendance ratings by location means concerns are dealt with immediately and employees with great attendance can be recognized. Acculogix now has the tools to fairly execute attendance standards across their workforce.


payroll streamlined by 90%


10% in operations