With separate timekeeping, HR, payroll and accruals systems loosely interfaced, duplication of effort with workforce management tasks consumed hours of staff time for the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Core HR staff spent an inordinate amount of time performing transactional, not tactical, tasks, and maintaining compliance with California meal-break rules was an ongoing concern. Additionally, accurately tracking time of employees working away from the time clocks was difficult.

What Cal Poly Pomona Foundation needed was a solution that could:

  • Eliminate paper processes to enhance the security of employee information
  • Free up core HR/payroll staff for strategic work through automated processes
  • Track and audit compliance with California break rules
  • Remove attestation concerns and improve timekeeping accuracy
“[Our Kronos Solution] has allowed us to streamline our entire HR/payroll operation. Our actual budget expense to manage HR and payroll is 27 percent less than seven years ago, even with pay raises and increases in benefits.”

Dennis Miller
Chief Employment Officer


An automated Kronos® workforce management solution in the cloud that streamlines processes and provides data accessibility to increase productivity, help control labour costs, and mitigate compliance issues.

Workforce HR

  • Control costs and improve HR productivity by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems     
  • Reduce risk with a single solution for applying, storing, and accessing workforce information
  • Manage talent with automation that reduces tedious tasks and lets employees focus on what they do best

Workforce Payroll

  • Manage multiple payroll requirements for job type, location, and classification
  • Manage 38,000 pay rules to comply with union bargaining agreements

Workforce Mobile

  • Achieve the visibility and mobile capability your workforce needs to submit requests
  • Runs on the same sleek platform with the same familiar interface you love


Complete automated workforce management has allowed the Caly Pol Pomona Foundation to streamline an entire HR/payroll operation, as budget expenses to manage HR and payroll decreased 27 percent. Paperwork has been reduced by 80 percent, freeing up time for strategic work, and enhancing the security of employee information. Before moving to Kronos in the cloud, an in-house employee spent nearly 600 hours yearly managing the Kronos solution. That time has been cut by 90 percent. The foundation can confidently ensure that employee time spent on projects is accurate and auditable with biometric terminals to track employee time.


in paperwork volume, freeing
up time for more strategic work


in budget needs
to manage HR and payroll