Using manual workforce management processes was negatively impacting Forest City Enterprises’ productivity and labor costs, especially as the company added properties. Timecards were faxed to a central office, but accurately applying locations’ varying pay policies was difficult, leading to manual paycheck adjustments. Payroll processing time took three to four days, and catching overpayments was challenging. With labor hours not available until after payroll, managers lacked the visibility to proactively manage labor to their budgets.

What Forest City Enterprises needed was a solution that could:

  • Accurately capture time to indicate directly where work is being performed
  • Help managers better match employee time to budgets and reduce overtime
  • Reduce payroll processing time with more efficient processes to support business growth
“Using the Kronos solution, managers can see how many hours they have and where they are relative to their budget. This helps them manage their budget better and helps overall profitability.”

Jason Fenske
Systems Analyst


An automated Kronos® workforce management solution streamlines processes and provides data visibility to increase productivity, help control labor costs, and mitigate compliance issues.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements such as FLSA, ACA, and union rules

Workforce Mobile

  • Achieve the visibility and mobile capability your workforce needs to submit requests
  • Use the same sleek platform with the same familiar interface that you love

Kronos 4500 terminals

  • Minimize data entry errors and enforce pay and attendance policies at the time of the punch
  • Improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to information like scheduled hours and time-off balances — freeing managers to work on higher-level activities


With automated workforce management, Forest City Enterprises gained real-time visibility into labor data to manage labor to budgets, decreased overtime costs, improved the accuracy of accruals and labor-cost billing, and increased payroll accuracy while reducing payroll processing time. Punching out from mobile devices, rather than the central warehouse, has saved the company $500,000. Self-service options allow employees to access information within 10 seconds, instead of waiting hours or days. Real-time visibility has helped reduce overtime by 25 to 30 percent. Because all pay rules are programmed into the system, they are applied fairly and accurately by location — improving compliance.


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