Groupe Magma, headquartered in Laval (Québec), Canada, provides a range of real estate development and construction services for the completion of commercial, industrial, office, and multi-residential building projects.  MAGMA is dedicated to fundamental values of integrity, engagement, and loyalty in partnering with clients to meet their expectations while offering cost savings, efficiency, and quality work.  

Controlling labour costs and optimizing labour productivity — with pricing pressure and labour costs at 45 percent of a project — was challenging without exact labour time information.

What MAGMA needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide managers and forepersons with visibility into employees’ availability for work
  • Free up the forepersons from manually recording employee time at multiple job sites
  • Control labour costs and optimize labour productivity with accurate and precise labour time information, and thus gain a competitive edge
  • Ensure all employees were treated fairly, which was difficult with manual processes in place
We have determined that, with the savings per employee per day that we’ve achieved, our return on investment with the Kronos solution was achieved in under a year.

Patrick St-Georges
Director of Finances and Administration


Kronos helped Groupe Magma better manage its workforce with real-time data and tools to increase productivity, better control labour costs, and reduce compliance issues

Workforce Timekeeper with InTouch Biometric Terminals

  • Right person, with the right skills, is aligned to the appropriate job site at the right time
  • Actual time worked, including overtime and breaks, is accurately captured and tracked


Magma enjoys multiple benefits from its Kronos solution. Employee pay now accurately reflects hours worked, including overtime. Available employees are easily identified and assigned. Forepersons no longer need to maintain a manual register of employees arriving late or leaving early, or review timesheets at home in the evening. Pay clerks spend less time manually entering data and correcting payroll errors, giving them value-added time. And project managers can approve overtime more easily and make decisions faster using real-time labour data.


improve operations
and drive employee satisfaction


ensures time worked is time paid,
resulting in significant cost savings