Manually scheduling corrections officers for Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement units was a tedious process that took the staffing sergeant an entire eight-hour shift. Paper schedules provided no transparency or visibility, and overtime assignments often were not equitable. When Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement used paper schedules, if a schedule was posted while officers were on their two-day “weekend,” they had no idea before they returned where they would be working.

What Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement needed was a solution that could:

  • Streamline schedules that aligned with collective bargaining agreements
  • Give Officers visibility into their upcoming schedules
  • Awarding overtime fairly
  • Simplified process for Vacation bidding
“Workforce TeleStaff automatically puts people where they need to go, and it’s a lot less time-consuming to work on the schedule”

Sgt. Rodolfo Padilla
Operations Sergeant


Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff automates scheduling according to collective bargaining agreements to improve staffing and compliance and provides centralized real-time labour data to help control labor costs.

Workforce TeleStaff™

  • Automated scheduling aligned with department work rules improve productivity
  • Officers can access the scheduling solution online from home
  • Overtime is awarded automatically based on the number of hours an officer has worked, creating equitable overtime assignments

Workforce TeleStaff Bidding™

  • Automated vacation bidding creates a transparent process that helps ensure vacation assignments are fair and based on seniority


Sergeants and officers now work 12-hour shifts and, according to the department’s labour rules, can work no more than 16 hours before taking a required eight-hour break, reducing burnout and fatigue. Officers’ schedules are created in the solution for the next year, so when an officer calls in his vacation bids to his sergeant, Workforce TeleStaff shows the officer’s work days, days off, and what time is available.


is enhanced by reducing burnout and fatigue


equitable assignments, vacation time and overtime allocation