Leon’s Furniture Limited (Leon’s) is one of Canada’s largest retailers with 8,200 employees, selling a wide range of merchandise, including furniture, major appliances, and home electronics at 302 locations across the country. When Leon’s Furniture first moved from a manual to an automated workforce management solution, it wanted to ensure its operational leaders had access to timely information to effectively manage their human capital.

What Leon’s needed was a solution that could:

  • Streamline processes and provides data to align staffing with customer demand at each location, enhancing productivity and satisfaction
  • Cloud (SaaS) based for a hardware-free option, expedited implementation, simplified user access, and to free up IT capacity
  • Aligning associate skills with customer needs
  • Biometric terminals to eliminated the need for swipe cards, reducing payroll staff time and exciting associates with the new technology
  • A well-planned change management process
“The Kronos solution has enabled us to combine the strengths of our associates with the technology, which can help us see when and where their talents and abilities are best utilized to service our customers.”

Luke Leon
Human Resources Development Manager


An automated Kronos workforce management solution in the cloud, streamlining processes and providing data to align staffing with customer demand, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.

Kronos in the Cloud

  • Hardware-free option expedited implementation
  • Faster implementation
  • Frees up IT Resources

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Continued accuracy of its payroll
  • Standardized reporting and functionality across all divisions
  • Gives the leadership team greater insight into workforce data for improved workforce management

Kronos InTouch® Biometric Terminals

  • New technology as a value-add to existing culture
  • Payroll staff no longer needing to assign and distribute swipe cards


With the Kronos solution now used by all locations, Leon’s has seen continued accuracy of its payroll, and the company can achieve this with fewer steps. The solution also enables standardized reporting and functionality across all divisions, which was difficult previously with divisions using different time and attendance solutions. Consistent companywide reporting gives the leadership team greater insight into workforce data for improved workforce management. 


aligning staff with customer demand


is enhanced by use of self-service tools