With an expansive workforce of nearly 18,000 people spread over a 1,300 square mile area, Santa Clara County faced numerous challenges due to its manual, paper-driven timekeeping system.  Controlling labour costs was problematic without real-time visibility into staffing levels, as was ensuring compliance with their many union agreements.  Real-time labour information is especially critical to 24-hour operations such as the county’s hospitals and law enforcement offices, where managers need to accurately monitor staffing levels. 

What Santa Clara County needed was a solution that could:

  • Automate error prone manual and paper-based time and attendance processes
  • Configure complex pay and work rules to comply with 30 bargaining unit agreements
  • Provide real-time labour data analysis to proactively address operational issues
“A main differentiator with Kronos is their rules-based engine that allows for simple to very complex pay and work rules to be configured in the application. We considered adding to our ERP option, but the Kronos solution stands out as being extremely configurable and having everything we need without customization.”

Annick Nguyen
Systems Manager


The automated Kronos® workforce management solution provides Santa Clara County with real-time labour data visibility to align staffing for improved productivity and labour cost control, while configuring easily to comply with wide-ranging pay and work rules. 

Workforce Timekeeper™

  • Configurable rules engine easily automates complex work and pay rules
  • Real-time alerts notify managers of information that needs immediate action
  • Reporting capabilities help monitor employee time

Workforce Scheduler™

  • Aligns the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location
  • Track scheduled time to actual time worked to determine critical staffing needs

Kronos InTouch® Terminals

  • Self-service capabilities allow employees access to time off balances, schedules, and more
  • Alleviates the administrative burden previously placed on HR staff and managers


With powerful time and attendance and scheduling solutions from Kronos, Santa Clara County was able to gain greater control over labour costs through real-time visibility into labour data.  Employees have readily adopted use of the Kronos InTouch terminals to capture accurate timekeeping information.  Real-time reporting capabilities help ensure compliance with various staffing level regulations, and configurability helps minimize compliance risk overall.  Having immediate access to the latest workforce data has been a superior solution to the daily batch-processing style of ERP options.  With 24/7 anytime, anywhere access to employee data, the organization now better serves the needs of the county. 


reduces labour costs


minimizes compliance risk