Although Staples Canada locations tracked associate time electronically, managers created schedules manually, giving them no easy way to see if associates’ time reflected their schedules. This lack of visibility also impeded managers in controlling overtime. To forecast store demand before creating schedules, managers had to review multiple systems, an inefficient and ineffectual process. When associates requested time off, managers sometimes forgot to add it to the schedule, creating issues.

What Staples Canada needed was a solution that could:

  • Determine labour demand by store and department before schedules are created
  • Track associate availability and time-off requests for easier schedule creation
  • Monitor store volume relative to forecast and revise the forecast to help ensure the right labour is scheduled to work at the right time to support customer satisfaction
  • Track associate time in real-time to help managers better control overtime
“The volume-driven model of reducing overall spend by putting it in the right place with the right labour at the right time has worked quite well for us. In the first year we spent within our labour budget and grew sales.”

Joe Sherratt
Senior Manager Business Processes


Staples Canada uses an automated Kronos workforce management solution to gain real-time visibility into labour data to improve productivity, enable more informed decision making, better manage labour costs, and increase engagement.

Workforce Forecast Manager

  • Easily predict the number and type of employees needed to meet labour demand based on proven predictive technology
  • Control labour costs by aligning staffing to labour needs, reducing overstaffing and better managing labour budgets
  • Improve productivity by having staff with the right skills in the right place at the right time

Workforce Scheduler

  • Create schedules that align labour with predicted demand and follow all scheduling  rules and policies
  • Adjust schedules to match changing volume and fill unexpected open shifts with qualified replacement staff

Workforce Mobile

  • Enable employees to view their latest schedules, timecards, and accrual balances before making time-off requests, increasing their engagement
  • Enhance managers’ labour management tools with anytime, anywhere access to employee information and time-off requests for fast responses


The Kronos solution integrates Staples Canada data on point-of-sale volume and new inventory to forecast store volume. Managers use this information to determine labour demand when creating schedules. If volume trends change, managers rerun labour demand and adjust schedules to align labour with demand. In year one, labour use was within budget while sales increased, decreasing labour costs as a percentage of sales. Staples Canada also is saving 70,000 hours annually in payroll signoff time and unplanned regular and overtime. Associates use mobile devices to request time off, check schedules and accrual balances, and view a time-off request status, increasing their engagement.


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