Union Public Schools is a progressive Oklahoma school district, offering college and career readiness programs and expanded avenues for individual student success. The school system needed a more efficient process of timekeeping, attendance, and payroll for its staff of 1,200 salaried and 1,300 hourly employees. Inaccurate timesheets led to payroll errors, varying pay rules made it difficult to manually calculate, and miscalculation of hours to meet FLSA and FMLA requirements was an increasing challenge.

What Union Public Schools needed was a solution that could:

  • Automate complex payroll requirements to achieve the perfect paycheck
  • Accurately track employee hours to meet FLSA and FMLA requirements
  • Provide employee self-service tools for greater engagement and control
“Using our Kronos solution instead of paper timesheets gives me the confidence that we are paying employees correctly and we are meeting all requirements of FLSA.”

Lisa Neal
Director of Payroll


Kronos helped Union Public Schools improve efficiencies, accuracy of workforce information, consistent application of rules and policies, and compliance with an automated timekeeping, payroll processing, and absence management solution.

Kronos iSeries Timekeeper

  • Streamline payroll process to reduce errors and increase efficiency
  • Track, manage, and accurately record employee time and attendance
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex FLSA and FMLA requirements

Kronos iSeries Accruals

  • Apply accrual policies accurately and consistently across your organization
  • Deliver real-time leave balances to managers and employees through self-service
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unauthorized leave and managing absences


The automated Kronos solution has brought districtwide improvements for Union Public Schools. Payroll processing has been streamlined and errors virtually eliminated. Multiple pay rules are automatically applied, and time over 40 hours is appropriately accounted for. Accurate leave balances are available in

real time through employee self-service tools. Time of hourly employees is automatically tracked and work rules and policies are applied consistently. An additional benefit is the ability of supervisors to log on the Kronos system to see which employees are on premise in the event of a school lockdown or emergency, and important safety feature.


automated and simplified


streamlines payroll and increases efficiency