Decentralized operations at the University of Toronto creates a unique challenge for tracking payroll time entry. Inaccuracies in time collection are often a result of manual data entry requirements, paper timesheets or inconsistent interpretation of pay rules. With a large casual and seasonal workforce, it's no wonder the University was looking for a solution to streamline its time management.

What the University of Toronto needed was a solution that could:

  • Apply pay codes consistently across the institution
  • Streamline time management processes to reduce payroll errors, save time and reduce paper
  • Ensure compliance with legislative and collective agreement requirements


Using their Kronos solution, the University of Toronto has realized a significant increase in the quality and efficiency of its timekeeping practices, giving them real-time data and tools to improve payroll accuracy, compliance, productivity, and employee engagement.

"Since implementing Kronos, I no longer have to deal with thousands of paper timesheets. I can now spend time with department managers to better explain University-wide payroll related policies, procedures and legislation that impact managers' daily operations. The information is accurate and payroll has become a streamlined process! I feel more engaged, connected and valued as implementing this process has allowed me to build better relationships with the department managers and I feel more a part of the team."

Janice Macdonald
Payroll Officer, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Employees are paid accurately for their time worked in the correct time period, with the correct pay policies applied.
  • Automating processes greatly reduced the administrative burden on staff allowing them to focus on the business.
  • Cloud access has provided a convenient, reliable and secure method of tracking employee time.

Workforce Mobile

  • Managers have easy access to timesheets from anywhere, anytime allowing them to be more accountable, drive procedures and create efficiencies.
  • Employees can record their time from wherever they are, making the task much more efficient


The University of Toronto has started the transformation from a manual, labour intensive, and error prone timekeeping processes with their Kronos solution. The benefits that have been realized are a dramatic increase in payroll accuracy, decreased administrative burden, and the elimination of 4.5 tons of paper annually. For every 2,000 employees migrated to Kronos, the University recovers employee time valued at more than $200,000 every year. A single system of tracking with defined union and government pay rules applied systematically, and the ability to ensure managers are accurately applying pay codes consistently across the institution have greatly increased efficiency.

In the first year of the transformation, a 600 employee base experienced gains in efficiency and accuracy. In the second year, the University of Toronto has more than tripled to 1,900 employees and continues with a very positive outlook.


reduced payroll errors


saving 4.5 tons of paper