Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics

Actionable intelligence to drive more informed workforce decisions.

Gain data-driven insights for more effective branch staffing.

As banks and credit unions transform their branches to meet evolving account holder needs, the ability to optimize service while controlling staffing costs is more critical than ever. Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics provides in-depth business intelligence to drive more effective branch staffing decisions for improved productivity and account holder service.

Make the right staffing decisions to optimize branch performance.

Track individual staff performance within the branch

Track individual staff performance within the branch

Empower managers with detailed performance data for each branch employee. With insight into metrics like transactions per staff hour worked and labour costs per transaction, managers can measure employee productivity and identify opportunities for targeted coaching and training. They can even benchmark the productivity numbers for top-performing employees and implement an incentive pay plan that rewards top producers based on those numbers.

Visualize your branch data to guide decision making

Visualize your branch data to guide decision making

An interactive dashboard gives branch managers and executives visibility into productivity, staffing effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement — with the ability to drill down to industry-standard KPIs to help keep your branches running efficiently and cost-effectively. You get a complete branch productivity snapshot that helps you continuously improve employee productivity, staffing practices, and operational procedures for optimal workforce utilization.

Determine how you stack up against other financial institutions

Determine how you stack up against other financial institutions

Get access to the monthly Kronos FMSI Comparative Data Report, which provides valuable data about the performance of other financial institutions across North America. See how your institution’s performance compares with that of your industry peers so you can set reasonable baselines and achievable goals for staff productivity and branch efficiency.

Eliminate costly guesswork. Boost branch performance.

Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics delivers detailed employee productivity and labour cost reporting; tracks KPIs at the employee, branch, regional, and institution-wide levels; and offers access to comparative data rankings so you can drive continuous productivity and service improvements across your branches.

  • Improve decision making

    Get easy access to powerful, data-driven business intelligence

  • Drive branch efficiency

    Optimize staffing with detailed information about productivity and labour costs

  • Improve employee engagement

    Use employee performance data to guide targeted coaching and training

  • Set achievable goals

    Establish reasonable baselines based on comparative performance data