Kronos InTouch Timeclock

​A Time Clock Built for Today’s Modern Workforce

Instant touch access to complete workforce information.

Today’s workforce is always evolving – and we’ve built a time clock that keeps pace. Inefficient and error-prone handwritten timecards and outdated time clock systems have had their day. Make way for the new era of automated timekeeping and powerful time-tracking data that helps control labour costs and improve workforce productivity.

The powerful time-tracking software you’ve been waiting for.

Workforce InTouch

Designed for an intuitive user experience

Simple and intuitive, the Kronos InTouch® is durable, reliable, and easily customizable. And with its straightforward user interface, it provides a fast self-service view into any employee’s work-related information. And with a large 7” touchscreen with wVGA and full colour LCD, it delivers a superior user experience and fast user adoption. Plus, full video streaming capabilities give employees the important information they need as soon as they walk through the door.

Workforce InTouch

Unprecedented time-tracking accuracy

Prevent buddy punching and verify employee identity with biometric identification functionality that provides unparalleled accuracy. Or, if biometric identification isn’t right for your organization, the InTouch supports all major badge formats, including a new smart card reader.

Workforce InTouch

Cloud-based technology lets you remotely monitor employee information

Cloud-based applications demand secure devices that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. The Kronos InTouch can meet those demands. And one of the most powerful and unique capabilities of InTouch is its ability to be monitored and controlled from a remote location. Combined with VoIP phone support, it delivers an unprecedented level of help to frontline managers and employees alike.

Designed with you – and your bottom line – in mind.

Complete automation and full visibility – innovative InTouch functionality translates to faster employee deployment, less wasted time, and increased productivity.

  • Automation

    Eliminate the tedious work of manual time and attendance tracking and reduce errors

  • Compliance

    Minimize compliance risk by preventing employees from working outside their scheduled hours

  • Productivity

    Employee self-service access to scheduled hours and time-off balances frees managers for higher-level activities

  • Security

    Access important employee information anytime, anywhere, thanks to secure cloud-based technology

  • Intuitive

    Easy-to-use 7” screen, plus color-coded light indicators, provide users with a simple, streamlined experience