Kronos iSeries Central Suite

​Native IBM i5 Workforce Management Software

Leverage the IBM iSeries Server strengths for a more competitive edge.

The Kronos® iSeries Central suite is the most comprehensive workforce management solution available for the IBM iSeries platform. It is designed specifically to leverage the iSeries server’s strengths and provides users with a competitive edge.

The most comprehensive solution available for the IBM iSeries platform.

Kronos iSeries Central Suite

Automated workforce management processes

The solutions in the Kronos iSeries Central suite automate all of your business processes, end-to-end. You can eliminate error-prone manual processes — without customization that’s expensive to implement and maintain.

Kronos iSeries Central Suite

Granular, real-time information

Kronos iSeries Central suite solutions deliver high-quality information that’s granular, real-time, and comprehensive. And that’s the key ingredient for high-quality decision-making.

Kronos iSeries Central Suite

Less complexity, lower costs

Out-of-the box implementations are easy to install and maintain, integrate well, and provide centralized system management. It’s a great way to minimize complexity and service costs.

Managing your workforce on the IBM iSeries platform made easy.

The Kronos iSeries Central suite of workforce management modules is an ideal solution for organizations in a wide range of industries. It effectively optimizes the power, flexibility, and security of the iSeries server.

  • Streamline and simplify

    Automated processes increase productivity and reduce complexity

  • Make better decisions

    Drill down to higher-quality data for more informed decision making

  • Easy to own

    Centralized system management means less complexity and lower costs