Kronos Pit Manager

Optimize management of casino pit and table staff to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profits.

Better manage your pit and table crews to drive a more efficient and profitable casino.

In a bustling casino floor environment, your top priority should be focusing on the guest experience. But if your dealers are not in the right place at the right time — leaving tables unstaffed, understaffed, or staffed with employees lacking the right skills — you’re falling short of delivering an exceptional guest experience. With Kronos® Pit Manager, you can gain valuable insights into casino floor activity to better manage your staff and minimize compliance risk, so managers can focus on enhancing the guest experience — and drive higher revenue per table.

Streamline casino floor management to optimize the customer experience and improve table revenue.

Automate casino dealer assignments

Manage casino dealer assignments

Kronos Pit Manager provides advanced tools to help you align dealers with table locations where their skills and proficiencies can best be utilized. Dealers are automatically notified of table assignments as the shift progresses and business demand changes, so you can be confident the right talent, with the right skills, will be delivering exceptional service to guests at every table engagement.

Gain valuable insights into dealer skills with reporting capabilities

Gain valuable insights into dealer skills with reporting capabilities

With Kronos Pit Manager, you can search for and assign dealers with the specific skills and proficiency you need for any given table during any given shift. Dealer skills are summarized by total amount of time spent using the skill, last date the skill was used, and the percentage the skill was used relative to all other skills.

In moment alerts

Get in-the-moment alerts on table status and dealer location*

Monitor pit and floor efficiency in Kronos Pit Manager so you can take action right away to keep your casino floor fully staffed and actively engaging customers. Alerts can be set to notify you if a dealer logs in at the wrong table location, so you can course correct in the moment to ensure adequate coverage at every table.*

*subject to an integration with the Table Games Management System

View lists to confirm dealer schedules and status

View lists to confirm dealer schedules and status

Manage employees more efficiently and deliver a better guest experience with insight into dealer schedules and shift requests. The Kronos Pit Manager Lists View allows you to manage Check-In, Early Out, Early Start, Extra Shifts, and Late Finish requests.

Create a top-performing casino floor experience for customers by better monitoring and managing pit tables and dealer staff.

Gain access to timely, actionable floor intelligence so that every shift delivers an outstanding guest experience and higher revenue per table.

  • Maximize efficiency and profitability

    Optimize table scheduling and dealer productivity to maximize casino profits

  • Maintain compliance

    Automate compliance with a centralized solution for all employees

  • Increase employee engagement

    Engage employees with optimized schedules and skills alignment to improve guest service