Data Collection

​The Information You Need to Fuel Your Time Management Solution

Collect the data you need for total time management precision.

Error-prone time clocks and handwritten timecards have had their day. Make way for efficient, accurate, and automated timekeeping systems from Kronos®. Our powerful time-tracking software, working in tandem with our data collection devices, helps your organization control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity.

Data collection devices made for your organization – and your success.

Data Collection

Diverse data collection devices for your workforce management solution

Kronos data collection options, which include badge and biometric terminals, telephone access, and handheld devices, capture the information needed to fuel your time management solution.

Data Collection

Devices specifically designed for every environment and every challenge

Kronos data collection devices are designed with your organization in mind. Choose the one that’s best for you: Kronos InTouch®, Workforce Teletime IP™ , and handheld devices which give you anytime, anywhere access to mobile employees.

Data Collection

Integrated with your time-tracking software to optimize your workforce

Pair our data collection devices with our powerful time-tracking software to cost cuts by reducing data entry errors and accurately enforcing pay and attendance policies. Minimize compliance risk by not allowing employees to work outside of their scheduled hours, and improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to information.

Next-generation data collection. Next-level workforce management success.

Kronos Data Collection devices automate data collection to deliver the reliable, accurate workforce data you need to make fact-based decisions. Working in tandem with our time-tracking software, our data collection devices deliver exceptional value – helping organizations control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

  • Service

    Multiple service options available to ensure your device is running efficiently and accurately

  • Diversity

    Choose from devices with diverse badge and biometric features, telephone time-tracking, and mobile capabilities

  • Accuracy

    Minimize data entry errors and enforce pay and attendance policies at the time of punch

  • Productivity

    Improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to scheduled hours and time-off balances

  • Peace of mind

    Backup battery protects employee information against power outages and flash memory backs up data

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