Workforce Activities Production Order Tracking

Penetrating Visibility into How Your Operations Perform Against Productivity Goals

Gain precise control over operations costs and productivity.

Staying on-budget takes more than guesstimates –it takes total visibility and precision throughout your operation. Manual labour-tracking processes are cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to error, resulting in uncontrollable expenses that eat into your profit margin. How can you make informed staffing decisions without reliable labour data?

Our technology helps effectively allocate labour resources and save costs.

Workforce Activities Production Order Tracking

Penetrating visibility provides full insight into labour performance

How is your staff performing against productivity and benchmark goals? Kronos® Workforce Activities™ job-costing software works together with the Kronos manufacturing workforce management solution to provide penetrating visibility that empowers users to control labour costs, monitor productivity, and staff smarter. Detailed activity tracking data is at your fingertips, helping you make truly effective, knowledge-based staffing decisions that keep productivity on track and protect your profit margin.

Workforce Activities Production Order Tracking

Prevent unnecessary work with real-time project tracking

Workforce Activities features shop floor-tracking capabilities, with easily accessible web portals providing real-time visibility on a project’s status. Collect and analyze labour, resource, and order data according to a wide range of criteria: Employee, task, department, customer, project, even part number. The resulting insight, combined with detailed activity-tracking data, helps you gain precise control over operation costs and productivity.

Workforce Activities Production Order Tracking

Track staff the way your operations run

Create teams and track their activities in production with team and cell tracking that works the way your operations run. Plus, with dashboards that let you track labour with Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE), the unique KPI that shows how assets and employees come together to drive superior results, users can effectively allocate labour resources while monitoring the impact of labour on profitable output by measuring the interdependencies of availability, performance, and quality.

Experience the power of real-time visibility into labour and resources.

Workforce Activities Production Order Tracking makes tracking all the elements of your shop floor easier than ever. One application provides full visibility into productivity and labour events – helping managers and executives of manufacturing operations make real-time decisions that boost productivity, improve resource utilization, and maximize profits.

  • Insight

    Access real-time data to make informed labour decisions that protect your bottom line

  • Productivity

    Identify idle employees and take action in-the-moment to get productivity back on track

  • Benchmarks

    Stay on track for reaching goals and benchmarks by keeping labour costs down

  • Ease of use

    One application offers intuitive data analysis tools and user-friendly dashboards