Workforce Activities Professional Project Tracking

The Data You Need to Optimize Your Workforce

Excellence and efficiency in services starts with real-time visibility.

Whether you provide field and contract, professional, or not-for-profit services, your workforce is one of your best competitive advantages – and one of your biggest expenses. But how much should it actually cost? And how can you tell without real-time visibility into productivity? How can you maintain appropriate staffing without in-depth metrics?

Our automated, integrated technology improves productivity, efficiency, and compliance.

Workforce Activities Professional Project Tracking

Automated features provide full insight into workforce productivity

Fully automated staff tracking streamlines the data and information you need into one portal. With fully automated features that give you insight and real-time visibility into every project, shift, or work event, managers are empowered to act immediately to improve workforce productivity and make data-driven decisions.

Workforce Activities Professional Project Tracking

Effectively and efficiency allocate your staff resources

Ensure that the right people with the right skills are where they need to be. Create a more efficient workforce and prevent unnecessary work thanks to web portals that provide on-the-spot insight into a project’s status, helping you avoid over-staffing and control staffing costs. Plus, performance standards can be improved by identifying strong performers and weak performers, and recalibrating standards accordingly.

Workforce Activities Professional Project Tracking

Protect your budget and stay compliant with grant funding

Make the most of grant funding — and minimize compliance risks by tracking grant funds to hours worked or project status. With Grant and Project Tracking functionality, you can track project progress against grants to ensure labour is in line with budget, planned hours, and results.

Penetrating visibility unlocks you workforce’s fullest potential.

Workforce Activities™ Professional Project Tracking features innovative functionality that empowers you to uncover untapped workforce potential – with automation that provides the data and visibility you need to make informed decisions that drive productivity, control costs, and use grant funds efficiently.

  • Efficiency

    Eliminate time-consuming manual tracking thanks to fully automated staff tracking

  • Productivity

    Full workforce visibility ensures your entire workforce is working to its fullest potential

  • Compliance

    Automation that tracks grant funds to hours worked or project status minimizes compliance risk