Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing

Continuous Workforce Visibility for Informed, Cost-Saving Decisions

Take a deep-dive look into your workforce.

Trying to determine key performance indicators for individual employees, departments, and facilities without an accurate picture of labour costs and performance? Without an automated workforce analytics tools, accessing the data you need to make informed, productivity- boosting, cost-saving decisions is an exercise in frustration most businesses can’t afford.

Smart business decisions start with reliable workforce data.

Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing

Labour data that revolutionizes your decision-making power

Relying on old data limits your ability to make in-the-moment decisions about labour events and issues that increase costs. Controlling labour costs requires real-time data that managers can access on the go – data that helps users make informed schedule adjustments, monitor overtime, and more to keep labour costs within budget. Workforce Analytics™ for Manufacturing delivers a consistent stream of reliable data, so you can act on your data with full confidence.

Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing

Engage with analytics every day for a more productive workforce

Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing allows companies to compare actual to planned expectations on labour hours by day, shift, and department. It also lets corporate staff evaluate each facility and see which departments are managing labour well and which are not. Plus, staff can drill down to determine how to take corrective action and improve results – providing managers with the data they need to have productive, fact-based conversations that improve productivity.

Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing

Monitor attendance policy effectiveness with a designated dashboard

With the Attendance Insight Dashboard, users get actionable insight that allows them to view the entire organization and drill down to see which areas have the highest number of infractions or take the longest to complete attendance actions. While Workforce Absence Manager™, which includes Workforce Attendance, allows you to manage attendance policies, the Attendance Insight Dashboard lets you gather the information you need to determine how well attendance policies are working.

Fact-based decisions start with full workforce visibility.

Is productivity lagging – and is your productivity data even credible? Is overtime needed? Are employee absences costing too much? Thanks to total workforce visibility and real-time data, Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing arms you with answers to the daily business questions that have a significant impact on your bottom line.

  • Insight

    Understand how your workforce really works thanks to penetrating, real-time data

  • Concision

    Comprehensive reports distill the most important workforce issues in an easy-to-read report form

  • Mobility

    Manage in the moment with full visibility and functionality on your tablet

  • Smart planning

    Trending data helps the company’s financial analysts predict future costs and spending risk

  • Accountability

    Reliable data helps hold employees accountable for their productivity