Workforce Analytics for Public Sector

Control Labour Costs with On-Demand Visibility into Workforce Data

Transform your labour data into actionable intelligence.

Labour data collected by governments often becomes trapped in disparate systems and silos — making it difficult to leverage for making better workforce management decisions. Given this challenge, how can public sector organizations control labour costs and improve productivity, support programs and services, and use budget dollars responsibly?

Maximize precious budget dollars — ensure continuity of service.

Workforce Analytics for Public Sector

Real-time visibility for increased transparency

Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ for Public Sector provides real-time visibility into accurate labour data tied to each grant, so you know how funds are being used. You can track depletion rates, control continued fund usage, and avoid budget overruns. And because understanding actual labour costs associated with specific programs is critical to predicting future budget requirements, it can help you develop more accurate grant proposals and more informed workforce management strategies.

Workforce Analytics for Public Sector

Powerful tools for monitoring leave liability to minimize payout surprises

Gain real-time visibility into leave liability so you’re not caught off guard by huge payouts when employees leave or retire. Graphical dashboards display key metrics, making it easy to monitor employee leave balances and associated costs at a glance. And a configurable filter lets you define the specific accrual codes included in the calculation so you get the precise information you need.

Workforce Analytics for Public Sector

Stronger insight into overtime and absenteeism

Correlating labour data from various sources, Workforce Analytics provides shared visibility into employee time, attendance, and absenteeism organizationwide. Dashboards let you monitor KPIs in real time and spot troubling trends before it’s too late. And you gain the actionable insight you need to systematically manage unproductive paid time, better align actual worked hours to scheduled hours, and make more effective use of temporary labour and overtime.

Workforce Analytics for Public Sector

Deeper visibility into cost and performance metrics — on demand

Relying on static reports and stale data to manage grants, leave liability, and labour costs just won’t get the job done. Workforce Analytics provides on-demand visibility into cost and performance metrics so you can detect issues, identify root causes, and take proactive steps. Now you can make decisions based on current, accurate data to help minimize grant overspending and underspending, unexpected leave payouts, and labour budget surprises once and for all.

Gain control over budgets. Increase accountability. Ensure more predictable results.

Workforce Analytics for Public Sector increases visibility and insight into your workforce data. It transforms timekeeping, grant tracking, and leave liability data into actionable intelligence and provides visibility into performance against targets to identify problems. And because you can see causes, trends, and relationships, you can resolve them fast.

  • Higher visibility

    Management dashboards deliver visibility into performance against targets for increased accountability

  • On-demand information access

    Monitor grant funds, leave liability, and labour costs in real time

  • Better decision making

    Configurable views and filters provide the data you need to make better labour decisions