Workforce Analytics for Retail

A clear, single workforce data view that empowers smart decisions

Visualize clear, actionable workforce data at your fingertips.

If you’ve tried managing your retail operation’s labour performance without reliable, real-time data, you know the costly shortcomings of this approach. Tap into clear, easy-to-access workforce data — a single view of all elements of your workforce that empowers you to make effective decisions and protect your bottom line.

Our technology simplifies labour management through innovative features.

Workforce Analytics for Retail

Comprehensive reports reveal need-to-know information about common business situations

Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ for Retail includes three retail-specific reports — Labour Productivity Detail, Scheduling Detail, and 7‐Day Trend — that deliver critical key performance metrics information. The solution gathers more than 500 key labour-related metrics that identify data such as sales per labour hour, actual to forecast sales, labour cost as it relates to sales, and more, providing the information you need about cost, productivity, overtime, scheduling, and absence.

Workforce Analytics for Retail

Monitor attendance policy effectiveness with a designated dashboard

With the Attendance Insight Dashboard, users get actionable insight that allows them to view the entire organization and drill down to see which areas have the highest number of infractions or take the longest to complete attendance actions. While Workforce Absence Manager™, which includes Workforce Attendance, allows you to manage attendance policies, the Attendance Insight Dashboard lets you gather the information you need to determine how well attendance policies are working.

Workforce Analytics for Retail

Proactive auditing capabilities let you course-correct in real time

Now there’s a way to simplify the audit process so that potential issues are identified sooner. Workforce Auditor™ analyzes your data and identifies clusters of similar activity and groups them together. Patterns are visualized in a dashboard so you can identify issues that need further investigation. It’s easy to pinpoint areas of potential abuse or parts of the organization that would benefit from additional training on both existing and new policies.

Fact-based decisions start with full workforce visibility.

Is productivity lagging? Are employee absences costing too much, both in terms of payroll and productivity? Thanks to real-time visibility, Workforce Analytics for Retail arms you with answers to the daily business questions that have a significant impact on your bottom line.

  • Insight

    Understand how your workforce really works thanks to penetrating, real-time data

  • Concision

    Comprehensive reports distill the most important workforce issues in an easy-to-read report form

  • Mobility

    Manage in the moment with full visibility on your tablet

  • Custom

    Retail-specific reports provide insight into your unique business situation, including cost, scheduling, and absence