Workforce Forecast Manager

​Your starting point for easing the scheduling burden.

Quality employee scheduling starts with an accurate forecast.

To create optimal schedules, your store managers need accurate sales and labour forecasting. However, without the right tools, it can come down to their best guess — putting you at risk for overstaffing or lost business due to understaffing. Without accurate forecasts of anticipated demand, schedules can’t support your bottom line.

Give managers the tools to optimize their workforce plan.

Workforce Forecast Manager -Feature 1

Align volume to demand

Since every job is different, Kronos® Workforce Forecast Manager™ for retail lets you import industry labour standards for specific tasks to align labour volume to anticipated demand. This strategic alignment gets you immediately headed down the road to improved productivity.

Workforce Forecast Manager -Feature 2

Use forecast algorithms for precise scheduling

Workforce Forecast Manager allows managers to see who they need and why. Managers can accurately predict demand down to 15-minute intervals. It’s this kind of precision that reduces under- and overstaffing and keeps labour costs under control. Multiple algorithms are available depending on the amount of historical data available.

Workforce Forecast Manager -Feature 3

Be prepared with current week reforecasting

Workforce Forecast Manager uses recent point-of-sale (POS) data to determine and apply an up-to-date trend to reflect unexpected outside influences such as weather, local events, and competitive activity.

Workforce Forecast Manager -Feature 4

Leverage your historical data with adaptive forecasting

When your location has over two years of historical data, you can use this feature to automatically select the best-fit algorithm from a group. The adaptive forecast takes into account departmental variations, irregular patterns, seasonal trends, and recurring seasonal special events from POS data. And it tunes itself based on recent historical data.

We have accurate forecasting down to a science.

Workforce Forecast Manager can be optimized by integrating with Workforce Scheduler™, Workforce Budgeting™, and other solutions that power the Kronos Workforce Central® suite. Now you can finally create an accurate plan that can translate into a stronger bottom line.

  • Align employees with customers

    Accurately forecast business volume and labour allocations

  • Control labour costs

    Avoid costly overstaffing; minimize understaffing and lost sales

  • Improve customer service

    Ensures you always have enough people to get the job done