Workforce Scheduler

​Align labour to demand while focusing on employee satisfaction.

Create a schedule that gets the job done — every time.

Scheduling a multifaceted workforce can be time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain frustrating. And even with the best efforts, unavoidable mistakes lower productivity, increase costs, and put you at risk of litigation and fines. Enter Kronos Workforce Scheduler™ — your go-to tool for creating cost-effective, compliant schedules every time.

Our technology simplifies scheduling and reduces costly errors.

Workforce Scheduler

Automation that optimizes schedule generation

Leave the guesswork behind. Workforce Scheduler deploys sophisticated optimization algorithms that automatically converge on the best-fit schedule that meets the needs of your business as well as your employees. No more overstaffing. No more understaffing. And no more expenses associated with a schedule that doesn’t meet your business needs.

Workforce Scheduler

Empower your employees with self-service and mobile scheduling

Keep employee morale high and create a more engaged workforce with advanced self-service capabilities such as shift swapping, selecting shift preferences and availability, viewing schedules on mobile phones, and even self-scheduling in a familiar calendar view. And with SMS Quick Fill™, the qualified employees you need to fill a shift opening are only a text message away.

Workforce Scheduler Feature 3

Comply with complicated scheduling rules without concern

Automated features enable managers to plan and execute employee schedules that comply with country-specific legislation, collective agreements, and employee contracts. Define a minimum or maximum number of hours for employees to work in an extended period of time. 

Automation aligns labour with demand for smarter schedules.

Created a schedule with too many employees when there's not enough demand? It'll cost you. Someone called in sick and you need to call in a high-paid replacement? That's going to cost you, too. And these costs add up, compromising your bottom line. Workforce Scheduler helps eliminate these costly errors.

  • Accuracy

    Avoid over- or understaffing thanks to staffing forecasts based on historical and current trends

  • Compliance

    Automated solution reduces risk by applying scheduling practices that comply with corporate and union rules

  • Productivity

    Balanced shifts create an optimal work environment where morale – and productivity – are strong

  • Mobile

    Engage your employees in an instant real-time staffing requests

  • Visibility

    Visual indicators provide complete coverage view to identify over- or undercovered departments, locations, or units

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