Workforce Tablet

​The power of Kronos on your tablet device.

Total portability, total visibility: Manage your workforce in the moment.

The need to control costs and keep productivity on track doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office or away from the shop floor. Now, on-demand visibility makes managing labour and productivity while you’re on the go easier than ever.

Stay informed about your workforce from wherever you are.

Workforce Tablet

An engaging on-screen experience provides full workforce insight

Access Kronos Workforce Central® on your iPad® for an intuitive, large-screen experience with vibrant graphics — and the power to manage on the go. Tap into a user-friendly mobile experience that requires no downtime for training. And like all iPad apps, Kronos® Workforce Tablet™ is designed to take full advantage of the multi-touch capabilities to easily navigate through data and make labour adjustments with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe of a finger.

Workforce Tablet

Perform critical workforce management functions without limits

Managers can quickly and easily access schedules, timecards, and other daily management tasks on the fly. With tablet multi-touch capabilities you can make real-time adjustments that sync to all backend workforce management information with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe. Approve timecards and view maps to see exactly where mobile employees conduct punches. Manage exceptions like missed, late, and early punches and filter through employee lists on the easy-to-navigate full-screen tablet.

Workforce Tablet Feature 3

Empower hourly managers and employees with self-service functionality

Punch in and out from wherever you are. Job, labour level, and work rule transfer can be applied with your punches. Information can be easily entered using QR barcodes and the built-in iPad camera. Users can cancel break deductions with a quick toggle. Plus, users can export schedules to the built-in iCal® calendar app to integrate work and personal schedules. And with MobileViews, users can leverage Smart View™ self-service transactions.

Putting critical workforce information at your fingertips

Workforce Tablet puts the full power of Kronos Workforce Central in your palm. Managers can easily record and access real-time labour data and streamline decision making by staying constantly connected to Workforce Central. It’s total access that helps keeps costs in check, productivity on track, and protects your bottom line.

  • Access

    Enjoy full access to your Workforce Central system no matter where work takes you

  • Engaging screen experience

    Vibrant graphics make your screen experience engaging and your data easy to understand

  • Accuracy

    GeoSensing technology lets managers set the context for their Workforce Central data to any location

  • Results

    Adjust employee schedules in real time and view overtime reports to maintain productivity, quality, and service