Workforce Dimensions Absence Management

Reduce the impact of employee absence on your organization.

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Better manage employee absence for lower costs and increased productivity.

The cost and productivity losses associated with employee absenteeism can seriously affect your bottom line and put your organization at risk for noncompliance. Workforce Dimensions™ Absence Management helps you easily manage sick time, vacation time, leave, and more with full visibility, all in one convenient automated platform.

Easy data access for better absence management.

Unprecedented flexibility to work your way

Unprecedented flexibility to work your way

Streamlined processes such as employee self-service help users be more engaged and productive. Employees and managers alike can begin leave cases, automatically inform their teams about upcoming absences, and even submit time-off requests in one click. Workforce Dimensions Absence Management provides employees with easy ways to view and manage their absences and accruals without having to spend precious time in the system.

Deep visibility into attendance and leave data for stronger compliance

Deep visibility into attendance and leave data for stronger compliance

Workforce Dimensions lets you work smarter by helping you identify absence trends to prevent problems before they occur. Workforce Dimensions Absence Management integrates more tightly with timekeeping and scheduling functions to give managers such features as setting time-off thresholds to prevent too many employees from taking the same day off. This type of automation and integration helps managers enforce rules more consistently and control the cost, risk, and productivity issues associated with absenteeism.

Automated absence management on any device helps maintain productivity

Automated absence management on any device helps maintain productivity

Working in the modern cloud helps managers better understand the effects of absenteeism in real time. They can do more than ever on a mobile device such as attaching documents and editing leave cases — and always on the platform’s latest release. Managers can freely monitor and enforce absenteeism policies, while employees are given the freedom and context they need to plan ahead.

Automation makes better employee absence management a reality.

Employee absence is often unpredictable but Workforce Dimensions Absence Management can give you the insight you need to lower costs, maintain productivity, and avoid the risk of noncompliance with labour laws and regulations.

  • Generate documents automatically

    Customizable disciplinary action letter and leave-related form templates

  • Get alerts

    Action items such as time-off requests, policy violations, and potential leave cases can be flagged

  • Determine eligibility

    Automatically determine eligibility for sick time, vacation, and leave cases

  • Manage proactively

    Identify workers with attendance issues to improve productivity and prevent burnout of those filling in