Workforce ESP

​Manage and schedule your staff more effectively.

Cultivate an engaged workforce that delivers cost-effective quality care.

The Kronos® Workforce ESP™ comprehensive suite has been designed specifically for Canada’s health care industry to address challenges such as labour cost, workforce productivity, staff scheduling, absence management, and analytics. Count on Workforce ESP automated technology to reduce scheduling errors and help you develop a more engaged, efficient workforce.

Designed and built in Canada for the Canadian healthcare market.

Workforce ESP - Feature 1

Gain insight that enables data-driven decision making

Workforce ESP provides managers with real-time data, alerts, and thresholds about staffing coverage, budgetary performance, and staff skills that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Plus, time and date stamps help managers prioritize and grant approvals. Coverage graphs and alerts about staffing gaps help managers make quick, effective, and informed decisions.

Workforce ESP - Feature 2

Engage employees in the scheduling process to increase satisfaction

When employees participate in scheduling decisions, they’re empowered — and more engaged. Workforce ESP features easy-to-use functionality that allows staff members to request available and vacant shifts and request time off.

Workforce ESP - Feature 3

But wait — there’s more

Workforce ESP can stand on its own as a comprehensive scheduling application — but if you want to improve your ROI even further, add Workforce Timekeeper, Workforce Absence Management, and Workforce Analytics to achieve the ROI benefits of the entire Kronos for Healthcare suite. Kronos Services can provide business consulting, augment your IT staff, and assist with integration, so that you'll get maximum value from your entire workforce management solution.

Flexible options for healthcare scheduling.

Workforce ESP empowers managers to make quick, effective, and informed decisions that promote productivity and cut costs. And with flexible options that allow employees to take an active role in the scheduling process, staff satisfaction and engagement stay strong.

  • Informed decision making

    Real-time alerts and data keep managers informed about staffing coverage, budgetary performance and more

  • Penetrating analysis

    Data views enable analysis between planned and actual performance to quickly identify discrepancies

  • Staffing visibility

    Identify staffing gaps and fill them quickly

  • Empowered employees

    Employees can participate in scheduling process, increasing engagement and satisfaction