Workforce Ready Performance Management

Align Your Entire Organization for Success

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Drive employee engagement through effective performance management

To develop top talent, you need a flexible, data-driven performance evaluation approach that enables you to continuously assess, coach, and recognize employees for their achievements. Kronos Workforce Ready® Performance Management helps eliminate complex, paper-based forms, streamline the performance review process, and support development of both salaried and hourly employees.

Get the right tools to help drive exceptional performance

Nurture employee performance with ongoing feedback

Nurture employee performance with ongoing feedback

Define corporate-level goals that cascade down to groups and individual employees, thereby aligning the entire organization for success.  Performance development tools provide managers with immediate visibility of goal status and individual employee review throughout the year. With at-a-glance visibility into goals, managers are better able to initiate communications with employees and provide ongoing performance reviews for improved engagement and development.

Workforce Ready Performance Management

Automate the performance review cycle

Configurable workflows make it simple to automate the performance review cycle to match your established processes. The ability to define the anchor date and frequency of performance reviews — and auto-initiate the process — helps managers stay on top of assessments. Automated alerts and reminders keep form completion, feedback, and approvals moving forward, and real-time monitoring enables managers and HR professionals to track status at any time for more timely employee reviews.

Nurture employee performance with ongoing feedback

Define unlimited performance review profiles

Define unlimited organization-, department-, or job-specific review profiles with specific criteria for evaluation and your choice of numerical or weighted scale ratings. You can even define competencies and assign them to individual employees and jobs. That way, your workforce understands the skills and attributes required for effective performance reviews and managers can better guide professional development.

WFR Performance Management Feature 4

Stay on top of employee development

Track employee skills and certifications with customizable reports that show who needs training and when. The optional, fully integrated Workforce Ready HR module enables you to define training courses, assign employees and track completion. You can even schedule internal classes, monitor open seats, and report on employee participation and results.

Retain high-performing employees in a tight talent market

Kronos® helps you streamline the performance management process — so that you can nurture employee development, build engagement, and drive business success.

  • Goal alignment

    Define cascading goals and track performance at the corporate, group, and individual level

  • Employee engagement and retention

    Enable managers to continuously monitor employee goals and deliver ongoing feedback

  • Automated workflows

    Save time and streamline processes that support a paperless HR environment

  • Comprehensive development tools

    Track skills and certifications with customizable reports that show who needs training and when

  • Compensation linked to performance

    Establish guidelines for awarding pay based on performance rating and pay grade segment