Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities

​Automated Crew Callout, Scheduling, and Emergency Notification

Respond to service outages faster

How would you rather deploy your resources when service goes out? With outdated manual processes that could slow response time? Or with an automated scheduling solution that helps significantly reduce the time it takes to find, contact, and deploy the correct resources for fast service restoration?

Packed with features that make utility operations faster and more efficient.

Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities

Communicate and deploy — fast

Powered by a rules-based staffing engine and tightly integrated communications, Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™ for Utilities allows you to rapidly and efficiently share emergency information with your employees about disaster efforts, interruptions, outages, weather conditions, accidents, or any other occurrence easily and on the fly.

Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities

Access multiple communications options

Your workforce can receive and respond to scheduling notifications and other work communications through inbound and outbound communications via multiple methods of communication — telephone, email, mobile device, tablet, computer, or pager. 

Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities

Leverage flexible scheduling capabilities

Benefit from a virtually unlimited variety of scheduling and workflow configurations. Workforce TeleStaff tracks employee hours, exceptions, overtime, work types, skills, and more for reporting, training, and payroll purposes — and maintains an audit trail for all scheduling and communication activities.

Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities

Ensure compliance

Make sure you’re always ahead of changes to regulations and union contracts. Workforce TeleStaff automatically incorporates collective bargaining agreement requirements, staffing rules, and other regulatory policies into the system to make sure you stay compliant.

Safeguard revenue, keep customers satisfied.

By automating crew callout, scheduling, and emergency notification, Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities accurately and quickly finds the right employees to contact and deploy to restore service outages — and helps support collective bargaining agreements and organizational staffing rules and policies.

  • Control labour costs

    Automation streamlines processes and increases efficiency

  • Minimize compliance risk

    The system supports adherence to union contracts and organizational policies

  • Improve workforce productivity

    More efficient processes save valuable time for more critical activities

  • Boost customer satisfaction

    Faster response to outages means happier customers — and a stronger bottom line