Before creating an effective business plan to move to a workforce management solution, you should answer some key questions about your organization.

Understanding the workforce management challenges that your organization faces is critical to handling workforce issues, including time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, and labour analytics for strategic business decisions.

To understand these challenges and determine whether it's time for a workforce management solution, your organization should consider these questions:

Analyzing Your Workforce Management Challenges
  • What high-level challenges are you experiencing and how are they preventing you from achieving organizational objectives?
  • What is causing these problems and what is it costing?
  • What business objectives do you want to achieve by solving these issues?

Case studies about two Kronos® customers outline the issues they uncovered during their thorough evaluation of their workforce management process — from time reporting and scheduling issues to absence management and labour analytics. After moving to an automated workforce management solution, one customer saw a 92 percent reduction in unexplained employee absences.

A Kronos Value Assessment of your systems and processes can identify how your organization can use workforce management technology to help control labour costs, increase productivity, and ensure compliance.

To learn more about how to evaluate your workforce management challenges and determine if your organization is ready to move to an automated solution, download this piece.