Disparate systems and manual processes were costing this YMCA too much. Kronos® for YMCA helped keep them within budget and focused on their mission.

The YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas was using a variety of systems to manage their diverse workforce. But paying 3,000 employees using paper timesheets every two weeks was becoming unmanageable — and costly in terms of both processing time and money.

Just one year after implementing an automated Kronos solution, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas saved $300,000 — thanks to streamlined, integrated processes and replacing those paper timesheets with accurate and efficient timeclocks.

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

View this video to learn more about how the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas benefited from their Kronos solution, which offers:

  • Real-time, centralized processes that provide instant visibility into HR, payroll, and more
  • Reporting tools that ease compliance by revealing trends and potential problems
  • Paperless hiring that converted 20 pages of new hire paperwork into a convenient online process
  • Operation in the Kronos Cloud, reducing dependence on IT
  • Mobile tools for a mobile workforce

Find out how the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas is fulfilling their important mission with help from Kronos for YMCA.

"I'm glad we went with Kronos. They just seemed like a better product. They wanted to do whatever it took to get it right. The partnership is fantastic."

Debbie Baum, HRIS Director
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas