Data Extraction Tool Datasheet

Harness the power of Workforce Dimensions data across enterprise systems

Extend enterprise visibility and insights. The Data Extraction Tool makes it easy to share Workforce Dimensions™ data with key business systems.

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Workforce Dimensions can deliver even greater value when it operates as part of a seamless digital ecosystem that spans your organization. By harnessing the power of Workforce Dimensions data across your enterprise systems, you can gain new insights and better understand how the workforce affects overall business performance.

The Data Extraction Tool, implemented by Kronos® Services, enables you to share Workforce Dimensions data with other business systems including Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Enterprise Resource Planning, and more. Read this datasheet to learn how the Data Extraction Tool can help your organization:

  • Enable other systems to access Workforce Dimensions data starting on day one
  • Unlock valuable insights by bringing together workforce and other operational data
  • Schedule data exports on demand from within the Workforce Dimensions interface

Download this informative piece and find out how Kronos Services can rapidly implement the Data Extraction Tool to make Workforce Dimensions data available to specified applications.