Is it time to move to an automated workforce management solution? Assessing your operations, including overtime and absenteeism, is the best way to know.

Learn to recognize the symptoms that are clear signs that it's time to exchange manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems for an automated workforce management solution.

To assist you in identifying whether operational issues are indicating that it's time to make the move, consider these common signs of problems:

How to Know If You Need a Workforce Management Solution
  • Excessive overtime costs, inequitable overtime assignments, employee burnout, and two other symptoms
  • Unexplained absenteeism, understaffing, decreased productivity, and three other signs
  • Full-time scheduler, inaccurate daily schedules, over- and under-staffing, and five other indicators
  • High noncompliance fines, employee misclassifications, incorrect application of union rules, and two other clues

If your organization is experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be time to switch to an automated workforce management solution that enables you to:

  • Cut excessive overtime costs and overtime abuse while ensuring overtime assignments are fair
  • Better manage absenteeism to improve productivity and reduce escalating overtime
  • Schedule employees appropriately to increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduce compliance risk with rules and policies applied correctly

Download this helpful piece to learn if your organization is experiencing symptoms that indicate you need a workforce management solution.