How Workforce Management Technology Helps Solve Your Issues

Chapter 5 of the Kronos Workforce Management Toolkit

Excessive overtime, significant absenteeism, manual scheduling, and labour law and union rule compliance issues can sidetrack your organization's goals.

Automating workforce management processes and integrating them with ERP or financial systems offers real-time reporting that lets you make timely, informed decisions. Learn how automating basic processes can deliver a quick return on your investment.

Workforce management technology can help organizations overcome the hazards of using manual or semi-automated systems, as well as:

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  • Solve overtime challenges. Use real-time data to identify the root causes and trends leading to increases in overtime. See who is approaching overtime. Understand why employees are working overtime and where this money is being spent.
  • Overcome attendance and absenteeism issues. Automate time-off policies to enforce rules consistently. Use email alerts to let managers deal with issues immediately. See time-off balances in real time to reduce overdrawn balances.
  • Conquer scheduling and forecasting problems. Ensure the right employees with the right skills are in the right places at the right times. Use historical data and trends to create forecasts and schedules aligned with demand.
  • Reduce compliance issues. Automatically apply the latest rules, policies, and regulations to all employees consistently. Ensure rules on rest periods and overtime are applied correctly and equitably.

To learn how you can use a workforce management technology solution to solve these challenges and realize these benefits, download this informative piece.