Kronos for Maintenance Services Industry Brief

Greater Profitability, Client Satisfaction, and Business Results

Maintenance firms face stiff competition and thin margins. Learn how Kronos for Maintenance Services maximizes productivity and controls labor costs.

More about this industry brief

Ensuring that your maintenance service workers are exactly where they are needed and keeping a sharp eye on your labor costs are critical to business success and profitability. See how Kronos for Maintenance Services provides the insight you need to keep your workforce productive as you manage labor costs.

Using Kronos for Maintenance Services, you are able to:

  • Deliver workers who are on time and productive—and make staffing adjustments to meet service agreements
  • See who is approaching overtime and proactively manage your workforce to budgets
  • Access data on workforce costs and performance to create profitable client bids
  • Ensure workers are paid correctly and you are incompliance with all labor regulations

Download this Kronos for Maintenance Services industry brief to learn more ways that this solution can help you realize greater profitability, increase client satisfaction, and improve business results.