Kronos for Security Services Industry Brief

Greater Profitability, Client Satisfaction, and Business Results

Security staff in the right place, right time is critical. See how Kronos for Security Services optimizes the workforce and controls labor costs.

More about this industry brief

Making sure your security services staff is exactly where they’re needed is vital to satisfying your service level agreements. Kronos for Security Services provides insight on how to optimally schedule staff in the most cost-effective way.

Utilizing Kronos for Security Services enables you to:

  • Maximize productivity by aligning security staff with specific security service needs
  • See when workers are approaching overtime and adjust staffing to control labor costs
  • Gain real-time visibility into your workforce costs for accurate client bidding
  • Minimize compliance risk with automated processes helping to ensure perfect paychecks and adherence with all labor regulations

Download this Kronos for Security Services industry brief to learn more ways that this solution can help you realize greater profitability, increase client satisfaction, and improve business results.