Universities and colleges manage diverse workforces that present challenges when it comes to tracking time and attendance. ERP systems lack the depth of functionality to effectively manage these complex environments, and to gain greater insight and efficiencies relating to their staff.

Faced with system inefficiencies and data quality issues, the University of Toronto set out to automate and centralize employee time and attendance processes across the university.

Webinar Transcript: A Conversation with the University of Toronto

During a recent webinar Joyce Maroney, Executive Director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos interviewed Cathy Eberts, Executive Director, Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration & HR Technology at the University.

During their conversation Ms Eberts:

  • described the challenges that drove the need for change
  • explained the project scope and level of complexity encountered
  • spoke about the implementation journey and their roll out strategy, and
  • shared the positive business benefits and cost savings realized to date.

Download the transcript of this webinar to learn more.