What's New in Workforce Central 8

Discover why Workforce Central 8 is workforce management — uncompromised.

Kronos Workforce Central® 8 delivers more features and functionality than ever to help you manage your workforce, your way — including an intuitive new user interface that makes everyday tasks simply easier. Learn how this complete workforce management solution allows you to focus on business goals without being limited by your systems and processes — regardless of industry, region, or platform.

More about this product info

  • Advanced HTML5 core technology offers compatibility across a wide range of devices
  • Employee photos help managers quickly find key employees, help prevent errors and buddy punching at Kronos InTouch® terminals, and engage employees by personalizing their experience
  • New Genies help users easily group, filter, and summarize data as if it had first been exported to a spreadsheet, allowing users to solve problems quickly and effectively