Workforce Dimensions Absence Management Datasheet

An easier way to manage attendance, leave, and accruals

Learn how managing absence, leave, and accruals with Workforce Dimensions™ can help control the cost of absenteeism and its effects on productivity.

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Without accurate methods for tracking absences and their impact, organizations may be unaware of how much they’re really paying for absenteeism. Now you can start gaining better control over the costs and loss of productivity associated with absence.

Workforce Dimensions Absence Management addresses:

  • Attendance: Provides the visibility necessary to accurately measure the cost of absences and understand what drives absenteeism
  • Leave: Standardizes and streamlines administration and enforcement of organizational and legislated leave policies, for which noncompliance can put your organization at risk for costly fines and lawsuits.
  • Accurals: Consistent, accurate automatic enforcement of time-off policies to virtually eliminate potential abuse by employees and ensure that policies are applied fairly across the organization

Download this datasheet to learn more about controlling the cost of absence as well as minimize risk of noncompliance, boost productivity, and engage your employees.