Workforce Tablet Datasheet

Manage Your Workforce in the Moment. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Kronos® Workforce Tablet™ solution provides managers with constant mobile access to their Workforce Central® system— all through the simple, convenient, and compelling user experience offered by today’s tablet devices.

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Key Benefits

  • Access your Workforce Central system on the go, from any location at any time
  • Take critical workforce actions quickly and easily using the large mobile display, intuitive multi-touch screen, and vibrant graphics
  • View analytics dashboards, schedules, staffing, or handle exceptions and time-off requests with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe of the finger
  • Manage in the moment with GeoSensing that automatically detects your location and instantly sets the context on Genies, timecard approval, exceptions, and schedules
  • Adjust employee schedules in real time and view overtime reports to maintain productivity, quality, and service levels